The Objects of My Past

Our family recently relocated to New Plymouth from our little lifestyle block outside of Hawera. It has been a big change to go from a rural lifestyle to almost directly in the city, but it is one that we wanted to make and so far we are enjoying all the little differences. Of course, the … Continue reading The Objects of My Past

Low Cost Methods for Dealing with Tunnelling Insects in Wooden Objects (New Zealand)

Borer and termites are two of the biggest problems for museums in caring for their wooden materials. Find out how to deal with these pesky insects in your wooden objects! What are tunnelling insects? The two main types of tunnelling insects that I see the most in wooden objects are borer (larval stage of a … Continue reading Low Cost Methods for Dealing with Tunnelling Insects in Wooden Objects (New Zealand)

Wood Moisture Meters

One of the tools that conservators can use when evaluating the condition of wooden objects or structures is a moisture meter. Not all meters are created equally and they only provide what could be considered a semi-quantitative indication of the percent of moisture. Please talk with a conservator before using a meter as it may not provide the right answer for the problem. Read on to find out more...

Shipwreck Wood Condition Analysis

Introduction Shipwrecks are unique time capsules that require special consideration to ensure they are preserved for the next generation. They often look sturdy and strong; however, there are underlying deterioration factors that could be present from being buried in a coastal environment: Salts: Chlorides from the marine environment are a known problem in the preservation of maritime archaeological materials, particularly … Continue reading Shipwreck Wood Condition Analysis

Caring for Your Heritage: FAQs

Family taonga and heritage items are often passed down in the form of photographs and documents, paintings and artworks or textiles and furniture. Heritage conservation is a field that seeks to preserve these important treasures so that we can ensure they continue into the next generation. Why do historic materials deteriorate? Through decades of research, we … Continue reading Caring for Your Heritage: FAQs

Summary of the 2018 NZCCM Annual Meeting

This year was my first full year serving on the executive committee of the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials Pū Manaaki Kahurangi (NZCCM) as newsletter editor. The role has been a really fantastic way to meet people and try to contribute by compiling information and events from around New Zealand every quarter. The executive … Continue reading Summary of the 2018 NZCCM Annual Meeting