_DSC0365I grew up in a National Register of Historical Places home built in 1851 as part of an idealistic communal society in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was hence influenced from a young age by the natural setting and admiration for the past. My formative years were further spent in the Southern USA where I developed a deeper appreciation for the historical and social influences of coastal environments on identify. An exploration of geography and a desire to gain experience in new environments has led me to reside in North Carolina and in Taranaki with my family where I am developing my appreciation for the Aotearoa New Zealand past through community based research on underwater and near water heritage sites.

I believe that more open, wide-reaching and transparent communication with realistic goals and resources can lead to better understandings of the past and find future directions for the preservation of significant heritage sites and objects. Through my work as a cultural materials conservator and PhD candidate I strive to acknowledge tikanga Māori and reshape heritage practices to incorporate public interactions with the past. My work is shaped over the past 15 years by serving in many roles related to cultural heritage preservation, material culture, and archaeology including non-profit, education, and private practice environments with a variety of materials and in locations from the Arctic to the Antarctic, South America and across the Near East and Africa.

I created this blog to share some of my experiences and to provide tools to people looking to learn about cultural heritage conservation.

For more information on my journey, please visit Personal Journey in Conservation or if you are interested in becoming a conservator, visit Interested in Becoming a Conservator?.

For more information about the positions I have held, please visit my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susannegrieve.

For more information on my academic publications, visit: https://victoria.academia.edu/SusanneGrieveRawson.