Hiring a Private Conservator

By this point you have already viewed our website (artifactpreservation.com or artefactpreservation.com) and identified our practice as being able to assist you with your preservation needs. If you haven’t contacted us, please do! We would love to hear about how we can help you find a solution with your project. If we have already provided … Continue reading Hiring a Private Conservator

Interested in Becoming a Conservator?

Here are some suggestions for a start: Look over the American Institute for Conservation “Becoming a Conservator” page which has lots of useful info on the various fields of conservation and the types of training: https://www.culturalheritage.org/about-conservation/become-a-conservator Contact the coordinators for the graduate programs you are interested in and establish a relationship with them. Let them know … Continue reading Interested in Becoming a Conservator?